Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nahum and the Sewing Machine

Today was a rainy day. We only had one place to be and that was Nahum's dentist appointment (and a quick stop for the wood bribe afterward-hey better then ice cream). Before and after we were at the sewing machine. I bought some hand dyed wool felt at the Frolic and helped Nahum make a little pouch for treasures...complete with a *mushroom* button. Later in the day he decided he needed a sling for monkey. Okay. No problem. We made a sling together. (He will be whipping out projects on the sewing machine by himself before I know it. Once he realizes not to hold the fabric or push the fabric.... He did great.) Later we made a drill from play dough and Rick made him a very very very small trough from wood and tape when he got home from work. He was a crazy boy tonight, frisking everywhere. He ate his lentil soup. He ate his cottage cheese and maple syrup. He ran around the house. He pretended to sew some more. He fell asleep in .2 seconds. All in a days work.

P.S. I love you Nahum.


  1. ps. I love you both. Hey maybe your daughter and my son can get together sometime and hang out. (So cute!)

  2. Sounds like a perfect rainy day :-)