Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Zev

(this is what he looked like six months ago!)

I am dedicating this entire post mostly to Zev. He needs the spotlight sometimes. I also have to admit that he is no longer an infant. Since I can't keep my baby journals up to date excuse my why i document a few things here.

*he still looks exactly like Nahum did. but that is where the similarities end!

*he loves the water...bath time is a great way to calm my cranky boy!

*he can't keep his eyes off of Nahum!

*he tried to get my strawberry the other night and instead i gave him a container of applesauce...which he ate right from the container face buried for at least five minutes straight.

*he sits pretty much all the time now...(much earlier than Nahum-by a month or so!)

*he eats my food (Nahum did not-he ate baby food (because he was a baby...)) because he thinks he is a big guy. the other night i baby food milled my swiss chard and he loved it up. tonight i baby food milled my chicken and carrots and he loved it up. i do not feed babies the way they say to. i feed them what i want when i want. no waiting a week with one food and then moving on. so far i have been lucky i guess! we also skipped that nasty wall paper paste of rice cereal (i tasted it when i fed it to Nahum and decided that it was gross and i would never feed it to another one of my babies again!).

*and this last one has been the hardest for me to admit...he is getting his first, oops i mean second tooth. (Nahum did not get a tooth until he was one-ish). for the first couple of weeks i pretended that it wasn't really a tooth but it is and i can't hide it or deny it any longer. now he is cranky because the second one is about to break through. i thought he was my little baby but i think really he is my big baby growing up faster then i thought he would. six months old. what?!?! six months ago we were buried in the coldest windiest day i can remember with the tiniest newborn. now we are eating dinner with him and talking about his future (just kidding). but you get the drift...time moves quickly with the first baby and even quicker with the second. and i know i should stop comparing him to his big brother but hey, that is all i know. so happy six months little zev.

p.s. i have already told him that even if he has teeth that does not mean he gets a cracker.


  1. Aww... sweet little Zev!
    You just can't help but 'compare' them!
    We skipped all the yucky rice cereal and did our own thing to, I remember the days of fresh and frozen homemade baby food it seems like an eternity ago yet also I can remember it as if it were just yesterday.
    Beautiful family you have!
    Many happy days to you : )

  2. Oh my...he is a sweetie!! Time does fly, doesn't it? My little guy got his first 2 teeth in the last couple of days too. Adds to the "cranky family because it's still raining" dynamic just a touch--but everyone wants to cheer him up, so it's actually helping us be sillier.

    Recording milestones like this is one of the reasons I started a blog too-- I have never been good at the baby book thing (shhh--haven't even bought Noah's yet!)


    PS LOVE the car seat photo!!!