Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Am Not Alone

Today I didn't clean my kitchen. Instead I went to the beach. After reading several other blogs about untidy kitchens (in favor for a much more pleasant activity) I decided I no longer felt like a bad person for skipping this uninviting chore...nope, I feel like I am one of the crowd, a cool kid in fact for doing what others are doing. I usually try to stand out and be different but here is where I am proud to be like everyone else. I didn't clean my kitchen because I went to the beach and damn it, it was great! So was the ice cream on the way home! Summer indeed...enjoy.

P.S. Welcome to the sewing studio was his first experience with the tape measure!


  1. Oh...this post just makes me smile HUGE!! Yay for messy kitchens, beach time, smiling babies, granny squares, Anna Maria's fabric, and of course being a "cool kid."

    Messy kitchens... should we start a sorority??


  2. can I eat your pictures from the beach? they're cute as muffins! muffins are delicious.

  3. michelle...definitely a sorority! a sistahood of messy kitchens...hmmm...i like it.

  4. I have this theory that messy kitchens (and homes) are more due to mamas getting lost in the blog world - me included. But I will not let the mess win me. But if the other option is beach, I know what I would choose.