Monday, June 22, 2009

Homestead Happenings

June is almost over *gulp* so I thought I would post an update on the garden and homestead. Summer time brings some yummy foods to our table. We don't grocery shop as much as the next family of four because most of our food comes from our land but there are only a few short months when we get to eat right from the garden (the rest is canned or frozen). Lately that means lots of swiss chard and spinach...which after a winter of no greens is a happy addition to the diet. We tend to eat with the seasons because it seems most natural to me at this point. I never buy tomatoes in the winter and only a couple times do I ever buy salad greens (they don't taste good). I won't buy melons and strawberries either...I can't. Once I starting eating the fresh ones, I was not able to switch back. June what do we add to our lives? We have about 24 new layers, some meat chickens, and soon we will get our turkeys as well. This past weekend we got our pig. We borrowed Poppy's truck so the four of us could venture out to Creekside Farm (my lovely midwife and family's farm!!) to pick her up. Apparently it was a muddy endeavor (I was warm and dry inside chatting while holding little Zev) but all went well and now she is tucked into her straw bed in her new home.

We also have lots and lots of pea blossoms, cauliflower (that actually looks so perfect right now), little broccoli, tons of greens, spinach, swiss chard, beet greens, radishes, and some spring onions. The blackberry field is loaded and so are the high bush blues!

Then I remembered that our strawberry patch wasn't completely useless and I found a lot of (still green) berries!!! Now, if only the sun would shine all those strawberries would ripen... Here is a picture of Nahum showing us that there are strawberries (oops don't pick them yet kiddo!!) and what happened when he found out that there were no more ripe ones to pick yet (he just wanted to eat and eat and eat them).

Here is one more years herb and flower garden!! Finally... Rick built me these while I was at the Fiber Frolic this year. I have been needing (we need the edible food space) space for my flowers (and I figured the herbs would go there as well) for awhile now but haven't been able to get the time to build the beds.


  1. Your gardens are inspiring.
    We also eat local and grow the rest canning/freezing for the Winter months. We have had some dry spots between the rain but have not really seen or felt the sun as of late, I am thinking some of my veggies should ripen right up once the sun shows us her golden light! We have been enjoying a ton of tiny wild strawberries along our driveway and fields, it has been an enjoyable season for foraging from the woods as well. Lovely to have found your blog, the photos of your son wishing for more berries are too cute : )

  2. thank you. it is fun to see what others are eating right now. i was just telling my husband that people elsewhere are enjoying ripe tomatoes!! i bet we will all be enjoying lots more veggies once the sun shows up again!!

  3. Your gardens certainly are inspiring... and a pig! I'd love a pig, and goats, but my real dream is a flock of sheep and one dairy cow!

    We're in the rain with you, so not much more in the ripened veggie department, although we've had wonderful luck with our spring lettuces, and of course our eggs.

    Thank you so much for your kind words this week about our sweet hen. I'm so sorry the same thing happened to you, and four of them, my goodness! You're right, it's partly so sad because these dogs don't need the food.

    Oh, well; I guess it helps us to appreciate the ladies even more...