Saturday, June 20, 2009

Carding Wool

I have been thinking about wool again recently. Not because I wish it were winter or cold out but just because I really, really love it. I would have everything made out of wool if I thought it would be practical. A few years ago I was convinced I could make my own mattress out of wool. I am not totally convinced otherwise and someday that may happen. Anyway. Today I was able to find a few minutes to get these batts ready for my spinning wheel. I have no idea what they will be for yet. I usually spin some yarn, fall in love, emphatically say it will only be for decoration (i love the way yarn looks hanging in my bathroom, my chairs and really all over) then I will walk by it and touch it repeatedly until it suddenly occurs to me, hey this yarn needs to be a ...! Well that is how my mind works anyway. I am sure everyone has a different method. Some may even go as far as choosing a project and spinning the yarn they need for that project but I can't. For these batts I used wool, angora, and recycled silk.

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