Friday, June 12, 2009

A Day.

We all have days that suck. I am very busy in the summer. I find it hard to catch my breath. This summer with the addition of little Zev I find it even harder to catch my breath. I usually have a planner filled with lists and notes and ideas. I don't have that yet. (but oh...I will, I will) I have odds and ends hanging over my head. Bits of things to do crammed into my *memory*. I feel overloaded. Yesterday I whacked Zev's head on a door just seconds after I got him calmed down (from being over tired) and settled into a lovely milk snack. He cried so hard that he turned blue. I felt like a crappy mama. I have been short and impatient with Nahum because he is a kid and I am an adult and sometimes it is hard for each of us to understand where the other is coming from. He wants to play and have fun (and so do I really!) and I have to work and be places on time. After getting them to bed way late...I took a few minutes and sat and knitted a row and a half of his vest. Then I took a few deep breaths and climbed into bed next to my two lovely boys.

P.S. It wasn't all bad. We did get to go to the beach with our dear friends. AND my copy of this book finally came in!


  1. I love your use of "memory". It is spot on when it comes to explaining the truth of busy mama brains.

  2. Oh, we've had THOSE days! I once dropped my 2 oldest (then 22 months & 2 months) at the same time--the big one first, then when I went to pick him up, the little one fell out of the sling. Fortunately they're fine now...although I think I'm scarred for life!

    The Creative Family is a WONDERFUL book, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

  3. I love this book!! I hope I can do some of the things it says -especially the way to display the art. How do you find time to knit or do anything???? I admire this tremendously!

  4. how do i find time to knit or craft? mostly i do it at night when the kids are asleep. or during the day *i keep my knitting in my car* when my baby is sleeping and older one is happily playing. or on a rainy day when we are all inside baby plays on the floor (watching big brother-mostly) and my older one and i sew together ... if they are awake i try to engage them with me (singing...letting my older one help me...singing...acting silly while i work). i don't get a lot done...but i keep at it because i love it.