Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At Papa's Work

On one of our many rainy days I said to Nahum, "do you want to go see Papa at work?". It was like asking him if he wanted ice cream ... he shouted "yes, can we?!". So off we went. He loves to work and he especially loves to help Papa work. He even has his own "pretend lunaform" (those are his words!!) where he spends quite a lot of time (more than the 40 hour work week, I believe). But to get to go to the real place, well...and wear the real gloves...and of course work with the real concrete...he was so proud and so busy!! And there sat little Zev watching from the sidelines...soon little one, soon, you too will join in.

In other news...we got outside today with no rain for a little uh...bat and ball and tee dressed as a witch (of course!!).

(...and if you will allow me to post some of the other nights "spin therapy"-some new yarn for some undetermined project)

Last but not least...I think this may just be the sun trying to make herself seen.

1 comment:

  1. How excellent your little guy gets to visit Papa's work, it looks like a fun place to visit!
    Ahhh... spinning therapy! Lovely job, I am new to spinning have not done too much with my wheel as of late...