Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I Didn't Post All Winter

Here is a post with pictures of snow. Not that I wish for snow right now but I really wanted to share some of what we did this past winter...aside from welcome Zev! Enjoy...

Here are January and February's picks! In this montage we have a melange of images (I am tired and feeling corny-sorry. I will probably regret this silly post tomorrow!).

March was fun as well!

April was April but now it is May...Good night. And yes, we were (who am I kidding-it was only the kids) in the water in April...I doubled checked the dates on this photo and I guess it really was warm enough for this! Who knew?

If this wasn't enough photos for you...hope you had fun...back to a current posting tomorrow!


  1. Hey Pennie. What were Nahum & Rick doing on the subway in January? Were you visting your other sister/sister-in-law/aunt who lives in NYC??

  2. it was boston...we went for my birthday getaway to the aquarium. we definitely would have seen you all if we had been in nyc! nahum was totally captivated by the trains, though!!

  3. Oh ok. Funny, it looks just like the #6 train! I love this, I get to check in on you guys everyday now! Can't wait until August when we get to see you in real life.

  4. Uh, cutest baby award... that Zev, I tell you! In the jumper thing- really Pennie, you make 'em reaaaal nice. (But don't tell Lily, since 'round these parts she's the top Cute dog...)