Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Wednesday

In my busy life it isn't often I get to stay home and have the action come to me. When I do it is so great. Impromtu playgroups are also great. The afternoons fly by and before I know it, Rick arrives home and I think...I should have started dinner. Yesterday was one of those days. Amongst the blackflies and shrieking kiddos a bunch of mamas got to mostly hang out and chat (I think I even knitted one whole row on Nahum's Vest). We started just two of us to discuss our preschool (that we are going to re-open where one is closing). And before we could get too serious about it (who could with the gentle reminders that our children need us), we had two other mamas and three other kiddos to add to the mix. The kids were "working" the whole time. After everyone left Nahum showed me the dandelions they all planted in the greenhouse. It was a great afternoon (except for the bugs!). I love friends and their kids!

P.S. I love watching the garden grow this time of year...fresh asparagus...perfect way to end the day!

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  1. love the new look. And I'm loving the daily updates.