Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Wedding

On Saturday Rick, Nahum, Zev and I went to a wedding (a friend of Rick's from Lunaform). Rick also happened to be a groomsman and yes he did wear a tux (photos below, don't worry)! It was a really sweet wedding right on the water. I actually didn't see the ceremony because Zev chose that moment to start crying. After making sure that Nahum wasn't going to run into the bride as she walked down the aisle, I went and sat too far away to hear anything so I could nurse Zev. Nahum ran around like the wildthing he has proven to be, chasing bubbles and making new friends he ran and ran...then danced and danced. He had approximately 1/2 bite of food and a whole "huge" slice of cake! Finally, toward the end I managed to snag a dance or two with him. That really only meant I held him and ran and ran and danced and danced. It was great! He told me "I want to go to that same wedding again someday so we can dance again." Too cute.

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