Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Tub for Two

Yesterday was one of those days...where I needed some headspace so as soon as Rick got home, I handed Zev over and said I needed to run to Ellsworth. I had a glorious hour and a half...I was looking for some fabric to make a new skirt for a wedding this weekend. I came home, made a few grilled cheese sandwiches (called that dinner) and then took the boys up for a tub (feeling like I could actually parent them again). I love seeing Nahum and Zev together, imaging what it will be like in the future (probably lots of splashing!) with them both playing together. Nahum loves to wash Zev and constantly is singing and dancing around him to keep him happy. He sings lalala in the car to keep him from crying and it always works. Zev won't nurse if Nahum is moving and grooving around us. Zev always smiles and stares at Nahum-cataloging what the big boys do, I'm sure. These are some of my favorite photos of the two of them!

P.S. Here are the cutest buns the dimpled look when they get scrunched! Happy Day!

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