Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Stream Of Consciousness or What Is For Dinner

*...there are going to be lots of photos...(i am a photographer by trade...don't forget)*
Today I thought it would be great to post about the new chicken fortress. A safe (hopefully) haven for my ladies. We lost so many chickens this winter and spring and so many melons to our chickens last summer that we put their new fencing up to priority number one! It even has a gate so we can get the eggs ... how novel!

While I was taking these photographs (and way more) I thought it would be great to have some of these lovely ladies' eggs for dinner. There isn't much in the garden yet that pairs with I went to the freezer for some homegrown breakfast sausage. We also had homemade blackberry jam on the bread...yum!

In the process of making this food I realize how much time is spent in my kitchen...thinking of meals, preparing meals, cleaning, carding mohair, playing and really the list goes on. I also thought I would share some of my favorite corners of the kitchen. Our seasons or nature corner (felted gnome by my dear Country Mouse). My most favorite flower. My beautiful antique hoosier handed to us from my parents. Drum carder (borrowed from my mom-thanks!).

Lastly...if you are still with me on my never ending blog post.... My funky apron I scored at a yard sale. And you never know what you may find in the fridge around here. Nestled in between our iced tea and leftovers...are Nahum's muffins, just in case I get hungry he said. (these last two photos courtesy of Nahum)

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