Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring at Leaning Apple Gardens

It has been a great spring so far here! Rick and I went out *alone* for our one year anniversary! It was a peaceful and relaxing dinner at the Town Hill Bistro (and also very delicious).

We have been busy in the greenhouse. The large red greenhouse we put up last fall (and by we I mean Rick) is bursting with beautiful looking tomato plants. Rick finished the sign and loaded his car for the first batch to be delivered at Salsbury's this morning! We have also harvested some rhubarb and the tastiest, sweetest asparagus this past week...with more on the way. This is such a great time of year for fresh food...just the start to a whole summer of fresh eating.
As for my nights...sleepless with my nursing babe but at least I am getting something is Nahum's new winter hat! Yes, the never ending blog post will end with two of my delicious baby's toes and my favorite rainbow handspun. The other a self portrait by my budding photographer!

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