Friday, May 29, 2009

Rainy Day Number Two...Red Raincoats

Another day of rain but that didn't stop us from getting outside. Somehow we ended up at Seal Harbor Beach, I know I drove us there but I had no plans on going to the beach just seemed like the right thing to do. No blankets or sunscreen or beach toys...just three boys and one mama. The little one that isn't mine is M., he is our boss for the summer. We love taking him along to play...and he loves to come along to play with us.

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  1. Sunday started out lovely and Scout and I decided to go to the beach for some good digging and flinging. By the time we were ready it was cool and rainy. :( Inspired by your trip and post to the beach on a raining day we went anyway. We had a wonderful time and we're so glad we persevered thanks to your example!