Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mama Made Toys...Round One

I finished my first set of these wooden woodland friends...just in the nick of time for the benefit we attended on Saturday night. I am overall pretty happy with them (yeah, right), a few mistakes that I can fix on the next round. I am going to try and find some locally sourced wood to make these guys... They are painted with an AP certified non toxic water color paint and oiled and beeswaxed. (and sanded and sanded and sanded) It was fun but now I need to finish up a few things to be delivered soon and start a new project for someone else... I will be back in the wood shop this week...or rather I want to but who knows if it will happen.

Rick has the garden looking rather yummy these days. Here are some shots of what is growing now!! I am awaiting my first harvest of some spinach and lettuce...if we get some more sun...maybe this week! {a tomato blossom...lovely little happy little onions...a mere five pounds of planted peas (what were we thinking?)...long pie pumpkins still in their flats waiting to be planted.}

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